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Greece is a nation where the Gospel has been largely forgotten. Spiritual darkness and unbelief are prevalent, and the nation’s devastating financial crisis continues to bring a spirit of despair on many Greeks. Unlike any other European country, the awareness and availability of Scripture in a language they understand is scarce—the vast majority of the Greek population does not have access to the Bible in Modern Greek. Not even 1% claim to be born again. This country has a desperate need for the life-giving water of the Gospel.


Operation Joshua is our endeavor to meet this urgent need by sowing the Word of God across Greece. Hellenic Ministries’ vision is to make known the glory of God by preparing the harvest in Greece of a people unashamedly committed to following Christ. But how can the fruit of the Gospel be harvested if the seeds of the truth are not first planted in the hearts of the Greek people?



Operation Joshua is a time of celebration! As a body of believers, it is our greatest delight to share the joy of knowing Jesus Christ with the people of Greece. It is also an opportunity to come together alongside the Greek brethren and stand united in Christ as we worship and fellowship with one another, providing an occasion for spiritual growth and mutual encouragement. Would you consider joining us in bringing the light of God’s Word to a darkened nation? Each year we trust God to provide an abundance of workers for the harvest to partner with us as we step out in faith and claim this land for Christ.


Every Home. Every Village. Rural Greece


It’s been a journey of faith, and we have yet a long way to run. The Lord has been faithful to bless this endeavor.
Already almost 25% of the entire population has gained access to the Scripture in Modern Greek!




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Each year the glad news of the Gospel has reached more and more Greek homes. Each Operation Joshua has been a victory of the light over the darkness – a step further in the journey of faith to make Christ known in Greece and throughout the nations.

Year: 2008
Province: Ileia
People Reached: 183,521
Participants: 85
New Testaments: 37,498
Villages: 150
KM Driven: 9,038
OJ1 was our first year of mainland outreach. Although there were many potential logistical, organizational and spiritual challenges, by the grace of God the week of outreach went smoothly and all the New Testaments packs were distributed successfully. In addition, a local evangelical church gave out another 4,500 NTs—a true gift of partnership!
Year: 2009
Province: Messinia
People Reached: 166,566
Participants: 153
New Testaments: 44,222
Villages: 377
KM Driven: 19,136
During OJ2 we encountered much opposition from the Orthodox Church—not only in the villages with some priests, but also through TV reports, radio news, and online articles. However, we were blessed with many opportunities to share the love of Christ in this province, and to see relationships built. Our campsite hosts were especially gracious toward us, as well as hungry for the truth. OJ2 also saw a marked increase of dedicated participants from around the world!
Year: 2010
Province: Arkadia, Lakonia
People Reached: 155,209
Participants: 217
New Testaments: 58,428
Villages: 813
KM Driven: 46,205
OJ3 experienced a rocky start when our choice of campsite seemed inadequate to our needs. Much to our surprise, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Summer 2010 saw a national gas strike in Greece, and all the gas stations in our province closed temporarily. The only one to have a steady supply of petrol was the station belonging to the campsite. Praise God for his faithful providence! Orthodox opposition was also noticeably less this year—there was not a single arrest during OJ3.
Year: 2011
Province: Achaia, Argolida, Corinth
People Reached: 397,317
Participants: 269
New Testaments: 104,542
Villages: 866
KM Driven: 72,158
During OJ4 the staff experienced heavy spiritual warfare, and it was only by the Lord’s grace that we were able to carry through. However, we were blessed with a larger team of staff members who helped tremendously in the planning and managing process of OJ4. The participants were also a highlight from OJ4—there was an exceptional attitude of willingness to serve among the distribution teams. OJ4 also saw more than a 90% increase of NTs distributed!
Year: 2012
Province: Evros, Rodopi, Xanthi
People Reached: 363,479
Participants: 323
New Testaments: 126,207
Villages: 519
KM Driven: 67,947
OJ5 was our half-a-decade benchmark. Feedback from participants communicated how OJ5 was the most well organized Operation Joshua to date. We were thankful for all the staff members who engaged so wholeheartedly in helping us organize the outreach. We had never seen so many volunteers! OJ5 also marked our transition from the Peloponnese to Northern Greece—how incredible it was to see how far Operation Joshua had already come in only five years!
Year: 2013
Province: Serres, Drama, Kavala
People Reached: 438,166
Participants: 380
New Testaments: 124,826
Villages: 410
KM Driven: 50,829
OJ6 was a challenging year! We saw the highest detention rate yet (over 100 people arrested!), unexpected database issues, and the passing of our dear brother Adam, which was both a great loss and an unwelcome shock. However, we were blessed with a full-time media team, an excellent dispatch team, as well as an incredible worship band. Indeed, in the midst of the many challenges, the Lord was faithful to guide, to comfort and to strengthen.
Year: 2014
Province: Kilkis, Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki
People Reached: 212,374
Participants: 334
New Testaments: 103,600
Villages: 403
KM Driven: 68,884
OJ7 was in many ways a time of rest and recuperation. We had no arrests, very little opposition from the Orthodox Church, and few logistical problems. We often witnessed encouraging feedback from the locals, and we were blessed with excellent interactions with the campsite hosts. The staff went above and beyond the call of duty to support and manage this outreach. Today over 679,000 Greek homes have already received a New Testament!
Year: 2015
Provinces: Kilkis, Pella, Imathia
People Reached: 396,665
Participants: 355
New Testaments: 122,644
Villages: 296
KM Driven: 61,251
Year: 2016
Province: Kozani, Kastoria, Piera, Florina
People Reached: 388,162
Participants: 430
New Testaments: 124,853
Villages: 498
KM Driven: 88,970
Although some teams encountered opposition in their villages, others were welcomed and thanked profusely for bringing them the living word of God. Today, not only have the hundreds of small towns scattered throughout these regions received the gift of the Scriptures, but in total nearly 925,000 homes across Greece have their own New Testament! The greatest need now is for continued, steadfast prayer as well as for teams to go and do follow-up work.



The next step ahead of us is Operation Joshua 2018 — a week of missional outreach in Northern Greece.









Uniting in Christ. Rejoicing in the Kingdom. Proclaiming in Faith.


As a team we are still praying through which areas to cover next year and how many New Testaments to trust the Lord for. Please pray for wisdom and the Lord’s leading for Operation Joshua 2018.

Come join us and share in the blessing as we distribute God’s Word throughout the provinces by joining our team on the ground. Together we will tackle this challenge the Lord has set before us as we fellowship, pray and worship the Lord as one body.

Feel free to contact us with any other specific questions.



Distribution of God’s Word. Fellowship with believers. A week in Greece.



Operation Joshua is made possible by the many helpers and volunteers from all over the world who rally for the cause of God’s Kingdom in Greece. The challenge ahead of us is great, but so is the faith and strength of those who enlist in God’s powerful army. To join us in 2018 just fill the form on the right and our recruitment representatives will be in touch with you. There are many ways to support and participate in this outreach. Operation Joshua requires many willing hands, able minds, swift feet and generous hearts. This is an excellent short-term missions trip opportunity in Greece—for both individuals and teams.


We need a large team of people who are willing to go out every day and drive to the various villages to hand out New Testament packs to every home. Would you consider being part of the team that goes out and reaches the thousands of Greek homes for Christ?


If you don’t think that being on the road all day is for you but would still like to join, then the service team is for you! Equally as important as those who distribute is the team of people willing to stay back and serve those who are out all day. We need people with various skills in administration, the kitchen (cooking and cleaning), children care, and media.


Prayer is the cornerstone of our outreach endeavors. Therefore, we are committed to raising a mighty army of intercessors that will be lifting up this operation and its members before the throne of God. We believe that God can change this nation through prayer and intercession. With this in mind, monthly newsletters are sent out to everyone on our mailing List. Please sign up to receive our latest prayer requests, and join us in praying for Operation Joshua 9 and all the homes we will be reaching with the Gospel.


Cannot join the outreach? Would you as an individual, prayer group or church consider adopting a village by praying for it? During OJ2017, 630 villages received the Gospel. Please join us in praying that the 150,000 New Testaments that have been distributed in northern Greece will lead many Greek people to find life, hope, peace and purpose in Jesus Christ. Please contact us for further details.



Each year the New Testaments we distribute are purchased entirely by donations. We invite you
to partner with us financially so that Greece will continue to be fed with the precious Word of God.


Thank you for your desire to help us financially with Operation Joshua.
This year, our budget for the New Testaments will be 400,000EUR or approximately 460,000USD. Any gift, no matter how small or large, will be of great help and most gratefully appreciated.


To donate, send a check made payable to Hellenic Ministries to any of our national offices. Enclose a note specifying that the project is Operation Joshua and the village or individual you would like to sponsor. Please note that all donations given to HM’s offices in Greece, the US or Canada qualify for tax-deductible receipts.
For the addresses of your local HM office, please click here.


Would you, your Bible study, or church consider adopting a village financially? If so, please contact us for further details.

Please indicate whether your gift is covering your participation, a donation towards the New Testaments, or a sponsorship.
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Please indicate whether your gift is covering your participation, a donation towards the New Testaments, or a sponsorship.
Please Note: if this is to cover participation costs, please add 6% to cover the PayPal fees.

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